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by Ali Youssefi

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woodstrapper The world collaboration of this track inspired me to put together an international nusic festival in my town.
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Msol Waves reconnects your heart with the sacred and your truly self. The music is alive, joyful and dynamic as the sea. The lyric it’s a beautiful poem and an exhortation of a healthy life style a path of a soul in this world . Ali Youssefi is capable to touch your heart and make it dance and reconnecting with all variants of colors of your emotions and true self. Beautiful song!


Featuring over 400 singers and instrumentalists from across the globe, 'Waves' is a happy celebration of the unified diversity of the human race. The lyrics are a quotation from the Baha'i sacred writings that express a longing for humanity to become united as waves of one sea, and flowers of one garden.

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"Make us as waves of the sea,
As flowers of the garden,
United, agreed
Through the bounties of Thy love.

Make all mankind as stars
Shining from the same height of glory
As perfect fruits
Growing upon Thy tree of life"



released January 18, 2021
Words from the Writings of ʻAbdu'l-Bahá


Music composed and produced by Ali Youssefi
Mixed by Michael Gannon
Mastered by Jon Rezin
Cover art by Shadi Youssefi

Musicians (in order of appearance):

Amaya & Amelia (intro vocals)
Ali Youssefi (guitars, vocals, backing vocals)
Shango Dely (percussion)
Ruben Gilje (piano)
Gustave Wayenece (bass guitar)
Pierre Weber (piano)
Mehdi Rezvan (percussion)
Nabil Fazel (percussion)
Michael Gannon (backing vocals, slide guitar)
Mary-Beth Nickel (Native American flute)
Eve Matin (harp)
Heiko Bärnholdt (upright bass)
Gwendolyn Philbrow (cello)
Vibeke Søe Horsberg (violin)
Red Grammer (vocals)

World Choir:

Agustin Sanhueza
Ailin Fahandezh
Aiman, Atefeh, Salman, Rayan and Eyan Pourahmari
Aji Ndateh Njie
Alvaro and Veronica Melys
Amaya Perez-Youssefi
Amelia Dinyarian and Milly Rose Jemwai
Amelia Youssefi and Camilo Perez
Amira and John Pilz
Anaïs Issakhany
Anisa and Tabassom
Anisa Taghdiri
Anna and Frank Sabatini
Aram Loer
Ashley and Sophia Grigg
Ava, Nilai, Niaz Khorsandia
Awa Cham
Ayla and Rohan Wheatly
Baháʼí Summer School Participants - Canary Islands
Baháʼí Summer School Participants - Norway
Bijan Azami
Carlos Kinsman
Cathy Bernal
Claudia Mayer-Harnish
Connie King and Xavi Dollie
Dana Mootoosamy
Darya Shtak
Debi Johnson
Denis and Denisa Kuzmova
Elena Soo-Ah Lee
Eva Remon
Expression Choir - Antigua
Gonzalo Isaac
Grace Price
Hala and Amelia
Iqan Umid Asgarli and Anisa Karmel Asgarli
Jade, Adrian and Amber
Jamilah, Iman and Jaydan Mollaian
Janet Kaber
Javier Sancho Lozano
Jennifer Doney
Jess and Jack Wisen
Kalei Doak
Kamilla Shabanbayli
Karen Franklin
Katrina Kumbakonam
Kiana and Raisa Tiku
Laetitia Gupta
Laman Hajiyeva
Lara and Alya Rahmanian
Layli and Kalim Naimi
Leland Miller
Linda Smith
Livia and Caroline Bastos
Livia and Lucas Beust
Lu Margean, João Pedro, João Vitor and Gabriel
Luljeta, Ornes, Lura, Rayan and Tian Kadriu
Lynn Zhang
Maimuna Baldeh
Martin Dudok van Heel
Melody Saadi
Milo and Layli Bergter
Moana and Manawa Norozi-Ruiz
Mojdeh Ebrahimi
Mona and Dayan Sherafat
Mustaqeem Tonoy
Nabil Córdoba
Nabil Fazel
Nachida Ngaleu and Aliyah Orgohry
Nancy Lavach
Nasim Youssefi
Neha and Minaira Anwari
Nia and Loan Abbas
Niara Gall
Nika Samadani
Noora and Sara Enayati
Nour and Yousef Ferdosian
Nura and Jacob Hill
Nyah Gould
Prarthana Sahu
Probha Das
Raman Fahandezh
Rene Moses Ceesay
Rezi and Sayen Hill
Rochae Ancha and Shirin Jisha
Roger Davis
Rose Mendy
Ruhi Zhou
Ryan Ashtiani
Ryan Pourahmari
Saba and Bita Jordan
Samiya, Shabnam and Elissa Hemmati
Shabnam Yazdani
Shadi Daneshpour
Shadi Youssefi
Shira, Jonah and Kaileb Smith-Trick
Shiraz and Phoenix Famouri-Lee
Shiva Shahidi
Sholeh Misaghi
Sophie Saadi and cousin
Stefano Sozzi
Sylvia Vice
Tahira Babayeva
Talon and Izzy Haas
Theo and Nayeli Formoso
Tim Franklin
Toa and Liya Yazdani
Vânia Cristina Arruda
Vernoni, Shahin, Jaleh and Sina Falahi Firouzi
Viana Mohammad Alipor
Victor and Mitra Matloff
Walter King and Zisou Dollie
Yas Alavi
Yeona Kim
Zara Akhterjahan
Zhanel Nurbol


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Ali Youssefi

Ali Youssefi's music springs from the belief that humanity is one family and that music can help elevate our consciousness, helping us feel more connected to our purpose and each other.

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